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AquantUs was started out of a passion for helping people. Ten years later, that passion remains at the core of what we do, especially in times like these. We want to assure you that AquantUs continues to work for you to address your staffing (direct hire, interim consulting, and contract) and/or job search needs. We are fully operational, and are working diligently to set up virtual interviews and keep the ball rolling!

We’ve been through challenging times in the past, and we’ve seen that the companies that can keep the hiring process moving forward are able to add top talent and recover from challenging situations more quickly. In addition, if you are a hiring manager looking to temporarily fill hiring gaps in order to ease your current employees’ workload, let’s speak about getting you set up with an interim consultant and/or contractor. These individuals are fully equipped (with their own equipment) to work remotely and have a multi-year history of being fully productive and accessible while working remotely.

With that being said, if you are curious as to what is going on in the job market, please email info@aquantusllc.com to set up a call with one of our partners.  We’ve had numerous conversations with our clients about how they are adapting to the current situation as they manage remote employees and continue to interview, hire, and on-board and would be happy to share that intel with you.

If there is anything else you need from us, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Tiffany & Todd Hoffine

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