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Contract Staffing and Interim Consulting

A strategic advantage of any company is the ability to identify and hire exceptional interim talent. AquantUs is committed to being your key partner for your planned or unexpected interim staffing needs! 

What makes contract and interim consultants so highly sought after is their vast skillset acquired from working on a variety of projects at different companies and their ability to pick up concepts quickly with little to no training. In addition to helping cut costs, an interim consultant or contract employee can:

  • Ease your current employees’ workload in as soon as a week.
  • Fill cyclical and/or seasonal gaps in your organization.
  • Keep your workflow running smoothly and without interruption. 
  • Be hired, on-boarded, and trained on-site or remotely.

Temporary Staffing

Supplement your workforce with experienced professionals when you need them the most:

Month/Quarter/Year-End Crunches

Tax Filing Deadlines

Vacations and Medical Leaves

Unexpected Resignations


Reduce the risk of a bad hire:

Try out a potential employee while they remain on our payroll

Have time to fully evaluate their capabilities

Extend a full-time offer once you are confident they are the right fit

Project-Based Staffing

Bring on an experienced professional to assist with:

ERP implementations

Acquisition Due Diligence and Integrations

Reorganizations and Restatements

Interim Executives – CFO, Controller, VPs

AquantUs can provide interim, part-time, and/or fractional Executives (CFO, Controller, VP of Tax, etc.)

Get the benefit of an experienced C-level professional for a fraction of the cost of a full-time Executive

This low-risk solution allows you to access Executives with expertise in a specific industry or skill

There are no long-term contracts and you are billed only for the hours worked

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