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Interviewing Tips & Tricks — Part 2

Interviewing Tips & Tricks – Part 2

ICYMI: we’re on an interview kick right now. It seems appropriate since we are in the businesses of helping you land a job, right? YAAAASSSS.

In the spirit of being your buddy, your pal – the ones who guide you through the daunting process that is interviewing – we’re going to help you answer the age-old question: what should I wear?!

We get it. It’s 2019 and there are more dress code terms than there are jelly bean flavors, so it can be hard to gauge what you should wear when your interviewer says “don’t worry about dressing up, we’re a casual work environment.” Is that your first test? No, but yes, but no. That helps, doesn’t it?

In order to keep this light and easy, we’ve attached a visual – one you might consider printing out and taping to your full-length mirror – to serve as a reminder that your velvet green skirt, while chic, is not going to make a great first impression. We’re sorry to disappoint.

Moving on! Men, step up to the plate – we’re starting with you.

In short, use your best judgement and don’t wear anything that would make grandma clutch her pearls. This is a good time to use context clues from the research you’ve done on the company (remember?!) and dress similarly to the current employees. However, as always: dress to impress!

Ladies, check out our next post — we’ve got a special one dedicated to you!


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