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Interviewing Tips & Tricks — Women’s Attire

Girls just wanna have fun(ds)… or something like that.

While Cyndi Lauper didn’t sing those exact words, we can only assume the fashionista meant that girls just wanna funds so they can have fun… with fashion. Is that too much of a stretch? Maybe it is, but we ALSO might be onto something. ????

Fashion rules are, shall we say, a little confusing right now. It used to be that you didn’t have much wiggle room when it came to dressing for an occasion. Weddings? Gown + gloves + heels. Interviews? Neutrals + suit.

(Un)fortunately, things have changed. We’ve been liberated from the shackles of fashion conformity, but we’ve also become a slave to the freedom of self-expression.

We’re living in an age of start-ups and the plain ole “I don’t want to wear starchy clothes everyday” mentality. Offices have become more relaxed and “jeans casual” is becoming the norm. But, what does that mean for interviewees? Does that give you the green light to wear your old sorority shirt that, admittedly, should’ve been thrown away years ago (because it’s not four-years, it’s for life!!!). Sounds appealing, but don’t get too excited. You haven’t made it to that step. Not yet, at least.

With that being said, if you’ve been a victim of outfit indecisiveness, raise your hand ????‍♀️, and keep reading — we’re going to help you navigate through the rules of interview attire, 2019 Edition.

To start, and maybe ease an ounce of your anxiety, you should still dress conservatively for your interviews. If that doesn’t help, follow this simple rule: if your outfit would make grandma clutch her pearls, you probably shouldn’t wear it. Think: covered shoulders, covered knees, covered chest. Or, in Caroline’s words, “if you have to ask, don’t wear it.”

Monet Cole, CEO of Fashion 411, has worked with the AquantUs team in the past and has provided some very informative tidbits about dressing for success. She notes that you should dress for the position above the one for which you’re interviewing, you should pull your look together with at least three pieces, you should make conservative choices with your make-up, hair, and nails, and you shouldn’t wear more than eight accessory items at one time.

We recommend wearing a skirt that hits at the knee, or wearing trousers. On the top, we recommend a blouse that leaves breathing room and is not body-hugging. Oh, and a blazer, always. Not only can they pull a look together, but there are some chic ones out there that can really showcase your personality!

To conclude, if you feel comfortable and confident, wear it. If it’s low-cut, see-through, short, or tacky, don’t. Be tasteful in what you choose. Get it? Got it? Good. Go out there and rock it, ladies.


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